Depending on style of lashes, a full set with styling consultation can take 2-3 hours and 1-1.5 hours for touchups. Each appointment includes a thorough lash cleanse, rinse and dry which takes 15 minutes before application.

Lash extensions can last up to 4 weeks with proper aftercare before a touchup is needed. 2-3 weeks in between touchups is more common as it keeps them looking pristine and full.

Maintaining lash extensions is easy. Gently wash and rinse them once daily with lash shampoo and wash brush. Brush 1-2 times daily with lash extension comb (or as needed) and schedule your lash touchups ahead of time especially around holidays.

Natural eyelashes have a 6-10 week life cycle and can shed daily just as the rest of the hair on the body does. With extensions attached to the natural lash, it’s more noticeable when one or a couple shed in a day.
*Lashes can shed prematurely from stress, postpartum, medical treatments such as chemotherapy, and changes of medication.

Lash Extensions can be damaging to the natural eye lashes only if the extensions are not applied appropriately and if the solutions used are expired. It is best to see a licensed and certified lash artist that will professionally measure your natural lashes and select the appropriate length and diameter for each individual natural lash to ensure proper weight and balance for happy growing lashes.

Your artist will examine the lashes at the start of the appointment and let you know. If the fullness of the lashes is under 30%, yes the lash artist will need to apply a new full set of extensions.

Face away from water stream especially if it’s strong flow. As long as hot water is not spraying directly onto the extensions, it is completely safe to shower with extensions on without damaging them. This is also a perfect opportunity to wash them with lash extensions shampoo or cleanser.

It is not recommended to put any kind of mascara over the extensions as it makes the lashes difficult to properly clean and can ruin both retention and curl shape of the extensions that will likely lead to a necessary extension removal and new full set. Mascara (not waterproof) can be worn on the lower lashes, but must be removed before bed with an oil-free micellar water.

Small swimming goggles, sleep masks (unless they are extensions-safe) Oil or wax-based makeup.

Yes, ideally with lash extensions safe eyeliner made specifically from an eyelash extension company. Powder and felt-tip eyeliners are best. Be sure to remove all makeup and cleanse with extensions safe micellar water, lash foam shampoo and gentle lash bath brush.

Rubbing eyes, cutting, picking or plucking at the extensions, face-down massage and chiropractic care, direct hot steam during facials.

Yes it is okay to swim with lash extensions on, just be sure to thoroughly cleanse after swimming with a lash-safe shampoo and rinse, especially with salt water and chlorine. Lash retention will best be preserved by wearing appropriate sized goggles that won’t crush the extensions.
*If you swim very frequently, it may be best to have a natural lash lift & tint done instead.

Yes. It is customary to tip your lash artist just as you would with your hairstylists or nail artists.

Consult with your lash artist first to see what your natural lashes can hold and what style best suits your eye shape. You can even show your artist reference pictures of styles you’re drawn to.